Traditional art I have created using prismacolor pencil and micron pens.

Sea Life Illustrations

Jellyfish Illustration
Turtle Illustration
whale illustration

Building Illustration

House Illustration

I was inspired by city apartments to create this ink illustration.

Peter Pan Story Illustrations

Peter Pan Illustration. Children and Peter Pan flying in the sky.
Peter Pan Illustration Wendy looking at a fort made from trees by the lost boys
Peter Pan Illustration Wendy looking out into the sky

I made these illustrations from the story of Peter Pan. 

In the first photo Wendy, John, and Micheal are leaving with Peter Pan to Neverland. Their parents are looking out through the window, sad and regretting leaving them alone in the first place.

In the second Illustration, Wendy was sick, so Peter Pan and the lost boys created her a house. This is her waking up and admiring the house that they made.

The final drawing shows Wendy is all grown up and has a daughter, Jane. Peter has taken her to Neverland and Wendy is watching Peter, Tinkerbell, and Jane leave for Neverland.

Fruit Illustration

Fruit Illustration

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