Here are some branding as well as packaging projects that I have created.

Koala-Tea Branding and Packaging

I created this brand and tea box design for a packaging project for my graphic design and marketing class. The brand is Koala-Tea and the flavor is spiced chai. It has a warm, minimal, and professional look.

Tea box Outilne

koala teabox outline
click here to see my landing page for Koala-tea.

Personal Branding

Caroline Larson Art logo

The adjectives that best describe my work are fun, organized, and bright. Art is a way for my to show how I see the world in my eyes and I wanted to display that through my logo. I believe my logo well represents me and the variety of styles I can work with. It should make you feel welcomed and assured of my developing skill and creativity.

Caroline Larson Art icon
Caroline Larson Art logo

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